Mission & Vision


Noor Ahalia Exchange is a vibrant money exchanger with safe and profitable operating framework complying applicable rules by valuing our esteemed clients with preeminent services and excellence.


To be the recognized money exchanger, carrying out constant innovation in the services provided by us, with personalized assistance and superior standards for satisfying our customers.


  • Customer service satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is measured by how services supplied by a company meets or surpass a customer’s expectation. According to our policy it is a point of differentiation to strive in this huge competitive world. We believe in retaining the existing customers with great service.

  • Reliability and Respect:

We assure reliability for our esteemed customers as doing any transaction with us will always be safe. Customers respect plays a major role in our functioning.

  • Excellence:

Noor Ahalia Exchange carries out all the business with excellence. We always strive hard to support our clients with great excellence.

  • Teamwork:

Our team work plays a major role in enhancing our business. As it is an essential component of reliability of an organization we work accordingly.

  • Open communication:

Noor Ahalia Exchange works on a culture of open communication. All are given equal chance to share their ideas, views and express their feelings with each other.

  • Excellent working environment :

Noor Ahalia Exchange creates an excellent working environment for the people working hard to bring success for the business. We institute the two way performance reviews so that both the employees and the company gets the feedback on their performance.

  • Social responsibility:

We continuously commit to contribute and to behave ethically for the purpose of economic development while improving the quality of the services provided by Noor Ahalia.