General Manager’s Message

Esteemed clients,

Noor Ahalia Exchange and its website is introduced for our valued customers with an immense pleasure. Designed according to the advanced technologies we aim to provide our esteemed customers all the information they need about us and our business, taking into consideration all the universal standards.

UAE being the hotspot for trade and remittance of money, plays a major role in the routine life of the population there. Residents in UAE send their hard earned money back to their families every month. Hence a need of proper, safe and regular channel for transferring their hard earned money arises and we assure the same for our clients with reliability and flexibility for all the services which we offer in this business.

Noor Ahalia exchange has a goal of positioning itself in the financial market with extreme personalized services together with higher quality standards. I am taking this opportunity to thank all our clients who are helping us to move forward. We will be always committed towards our offerings and assure you the best from our services.

Please share your comments and suggestions which are always welcome and hope you have a regular visit to our site which will motivate us to keep our site fresh with contents and new developments.

Pleasure to serve you

Yours Sincerely,

General Manager